Cities of USA

Los Angeles
The heart of America's entertainment industry, Los Angeles is the city where people come to see and be seen. Famous streets such as Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard are consistently bustling, and the Walk of Fame and the prints outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre are can't-miss sights for the star struck. The Pacific Ocean's sandy beaches draw crowds out to areas like Venice Beach and Santa Monica for sunbathing, people watching and surfing. Entire districts of LA are dedicated to various predominant nationalities and are a great place for cultural exploration and good, cheap food. The complex blend of cultures has made LA one of the top restaurant destinations in the country, with innovative chefs creating new fusions of ethnic specialties.

San Francisco

Situated on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and its namesake bay, San Francisco is a compact city overflowing with cultural variety. The Russian Hill neighborhood contains the famous twisting block of Lombard Street and due east lies Chinatown, known for its bustling markets and authentic eats. On the northern side of the city, the restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf serve excellent seafood dishes while its pier is often filled with sea lions basking in the Californian sun. Farther west, the Presidio of San Francisco offers historical army buildings set on some of the most beautiful land in the city. Connected to the northern edge of the park, the Golden Gate Bridge provides fantastic sights out over the water.

New York
Bustling with activity, New York City is a place of vibrant energy, modern thought and national history. With each neighborhood and district sporting its own particular flair in cuisine, shopping and culture, there is more to see in the city than can be done in a day or even a week. Central Park, with its many family-oriented attractions, and the world-famous Statue of Liberty are just two of New York City's must-see spots. "The City That Never Sleeps" is an ideal place to indulge with an extravagant night out at an upscale restaurant followed by a Broadway show or shopping at the chicest stores in the nation. New sights and experiences are around virtually every corner in this hub of American commerce and culture.


The hub of national politics and a center of international interaction, Washington, D.C. is a bustling city rich with history and cultural flavor from around the globe. Walking between the government buildings, the sense of history and power in the downtown area is almost overwhelming. Some of the nation's most recognized buildings circle the National Mall, including the towering Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian museums. Institutions such as Georgetown University and American University round out the city's reputation as a place of higher learning and modern culture.


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