Culture Of Venzuela

The Culture of Venezuela can be aptly described as rich and splendid. The spectacular country of Venezuela boasts of being a potpourri of cultures. The Culture of Venezuela is a unique blending of the Italian, African, Spanish and the indigenous culture. The indigenous Culture of Venezuela can be experienced in the architecture, crafts, and art of the country. The aboriginal Culture of Venezuela was replaced by the Spanish culture. Venezuela has a well-preserved cultural legacy.

Art, craft and architecture are the integral components of the Culture of Venezuela. The music of Venezuela is also popular all over the world. Venezuela travel offers visitors an excellent opportunity of experiencing the local Culture of Venezuela. Initially the main component of the art of Venezuela was the beautiful religious motifs. The art of Venezuela was significantly revolutionized in the late 19th century. Martin Tovar y Tovar played a significant role in revolutionizing the art of Venezuela.

Venezuela is the birthplace of many world-renowned artists. The world famous artists hailing from Venezuela include Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus-Rafael Soto, Manuel Cabre, Armando Reveron, Cristobal Rojas and Arturo Michelena. Literature is an intrinsic element of the Venezuela culture. The literature of Venezuela originated immediately after the Spanish conquest. The literature of Venezuela was considerably influenced by Spanish literature.

After Venezuela’s War of Independence, there grew a new genre of literature, which was known as the political literature. However, the main genre of literature of Venezuela is the Romantic Literature. The romantic literature of Venezuela owes its origin to the renowned literary scholar, Juan Vicente Gonzalez. The famous poets of the country including Fermin Toro and Andres Eloy Blanco played a significant role in the evolution of the literature of Venezuela. Mariano Picon Salas, Miguel Otero Silva, Adriano Gonzales Leon, Arturo Uslar Pietri, Teresa de la Parra, and Romulo Gallegos are the popular novelists and writers of Venezuela.

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