Picnic Spots In Venzuela

On Margarita Island there are several different and beatiful beaches. Also if you have booked an all inclusive holiday in Playa El Agua for example, an excursion to one of the other beaches is a good idea to see more of the beautiful island. Taking a taxi on the island is not very expensive.

Some of the most interesting and famous beaches are:

Playa El Agua: the most known beach on the island. The water is warm and the sea is choppy. There are many shops, restaurants, exchange offices and car rentals. The area is very touristic.

Playa Parguito Margarita IslandPlaya Parguito: it is right beside Playa El Agua, just a bit further north. The beach has some restaurants und the waves are big. It is an excellent beach for surfing.

Playa Manzanillo Margarita IslandPlaya Manzanillo: it is a very calm and tranquile town situated in the north of the island. The water is cold and calm. In the late afternoon you can see the fishermen coming in with the fish they caught that day.

Playa Puerto Cruz: Puerto Cruz is the beach near to the Dunes Hotel. The beach is long, the water is warm and choppy. There are only 2 little restaurants there, because most of the visitors are guests in the all inclusive hotel.

Playa Zaragoza Margarita islandPlaya Zaragoza: it is very nice beach located a few 100 meters from Playa Puerto Cruz. The sea is quiet and calm. There are a few restaurants in nice houses built in colonial style.

Playa Caribe Margarita Island VenezuelaPlaya Caribe: one of the most popular among the Margarita visitors. It is close to Juan Griego, in the north of the island. There you can see an amazing sunset. The water is warm and the sea choppy.

Playa El Yaque Margarita IslandPlaya El Yaque: close to the airport and famous for the good conditions to practise wind and kite surfing.

Playa La Caracola: this beach is in Costa Azul, between Porlamar and Pampatar. The beach is not great to go for a swim, but in the mornings and afternoons no traffic is allow on the beach which makes it a nice place for jogging, biking, etc.

La Restinga Margarita islandPlaya La Restinga: This long beach with warm water can be reached by boat in the Restinga Lagune. From there you will have a fantastic view of the north of the island and Macanao.

Playa Punta Arenas: Punta Arenas is the furthest beach on the island. It is at the end of the Macanao Peninsula. The beach is very long and big, but there are no amazing differences compared to the other beaches of the island.


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