Picnic spots in Pakistan

Clifton Beach


Clifton Beach, on the Arabian Sea, is a beach in Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan, one of the neighborhoods of Saddar Town. The beach has attractions for families and tourists, including beachside horse and camel rides, amusement parks, restaurants, and swimming in the Arabian Sea.

The whole beach area of Clifton and Seaview is considered safe and peacful even in times of political tensions.

A gated residential area called Seaview Apartments lies close to a section of Clifton beach known as Seaview beach or simply "Seaview". Further ahead lies Darakhshan Villas which comprises residential townhouses and huts.

Another attraction in this very area were the recently constructed Cineplex cinema houses for the entertainment starved people of Karachi, particularly for the people who reside in DHA and Clifton. This has happened after around three decades of cinema industry decline in Pakistan. Hollywood films are mostly screened here along with some selected Bollywood films. The cinema's are equipped with state of the art facilities and other entertainment sections.

The Defence Housing Authority is filling the beach area with sand to obtain more ground pushing the sea further back, which will change the shape and features of the beach.

Other beaches close to the city include Sandspit, Hawke's Bay, and Paradise Point - a sandstone rock promontory with a natural arch, but Clifton Beach is the most popular picnic destination in Karachi.


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